Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Was Never Cool.............In School

Ben Folds was, um, awesome last night.



Robin said...

I'm so jealous that I could cry right now.

Jennifer said...

Mike and I have been trying to go to a Ben Folds concert for like 8 years. Oh, the sadness.

MeL said...

So we were originally planning on attending, but then we weren't quite in love with his new cd...were you? And with all of the craziness with my family that has taken place so far this week, I probably wouldn't have been in the mindset to enjoy them. Anyhoo, it looks amazing, and his voice sounds purely golden. I'm glad you loved it!

diana rose said...

i know, right?

probably the best ben folds show i've ever seen and believe me, i've seen a lot.