Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Crafts

No, we don't have Christmas set up at our house.

But, we did have to dig deep into our storage closet - past the Christmas decor - last week for an unrelated item. So while the storage bins were out, I dug up the Christmas projects I put away last year, and decided to finish them this week.

I bought a bunch of clearance fabric last December for a Christmas throw blanket (and the backing came from here). It seriously only took me 3 Sophie naps to finish.


From a pile of fabric to a comfy quilt in 3 naps.

And now, before you think I'm too crafty, I'll let you in on a little secret about the pillows. I found them, as place mats, at a thrift store last year. (yes, felt place mats.) I simply opened the seam 4 inches, stuffed them with batting, and sewed them back up. They came that cute. I just awesomerized them.


kathy said...

How clever are you? I love those pillows.

stephanie said...

you're so crafty, abbie. i love it all.

shauntel said...

awesome. i love the pillows. and i'm jealous that sophie naps and you can make stuff. i want cute pillows and i want nap time.

Emily said...

You awesomerized the hell out of those place mats!

diana rose said...

ooh, great placemat idea... i'm totally going to find some placemats to do that with! thanks for the tip!