Monday, November 10, 2008

Has Anyone Seen the 80s?

photo from FunWirks

So, a week and a half ago (Halloween), Arizona experienced extremely warm temperatures - mid 90s - which were 10 degrees higher than average.

Fast forward to today - we're experiencing temperatures 10 degrees below average (a high of 69 degrees today).

Um, what happened to the 80s? Where is our beautiful fall? (I know, only an Arizonan would complain about 69 degrees). I mean, it's still nice outside - great long sleeve weather. But I want my non-sweat / non-sweater park days!


stephanie said...

it totally became winter overnight! i like it, but i kind of wish we could go to the park without sweaters, too. oh man, i am such a complainer.

MeL said...

Seriously just this morning as I pulled on my parka before I went outside, where I could almost see my breath, I thought, Now what time of year is it that I like to drive with my windows down in the morning?

Lauren said...

I am also pretty sad it has been so cold. Where is the happy medium!?