Friday, September 12, 2008

Foodie Friday #1 - La Piccola Cucina

Hello and welcome to Foodie Friday! It's a new feature on my blog, where I will review restaurants in the Phoenix area for you. Feel free to recommend places you love, or places you're afraid to try without an awesome review.

Here's a little breakdown of what you can expect to see each week.

(total bill for 2 people, not including drinks, tax, or tip):

$ = under $10
$$ = $10-$20
$$$ = $20-$30
$$$$ = $30+

(I doubt our meals will go beyond that scale)

(all on a scale of 1 [*] to 5 [* * * * *] stars)

  • Food Taste
  • Service & Atmosphere
  • Value

Total score will be based on an average of all the categories, with taste worth double.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andy Pappas
La Piccola Cucina

2241 N. 7th Street - Phoenix

photo from flickr . .

Price: $$

Taste: * * *
S&A: * * * * *
Value: * * * *

This is a unique European restaurant. All of your food options are displayed in a cold case. You choose one meat and 2 sides (vegetarian option available), and then the food is warmed and prepared for you, and delivered to your table. The wait for our food was very short, but my meatloaf came cold. I would have had them reheat it for me, but I filled up quickly on my sides (a bow tie pasta dish and asparagus). Jake also enjoyed his sides (spinach pie and ratatouille) more than his meat.

The place is very tiny - only about 5 tables inside, with more seating on the patio. We were greeted individually by the owner (Andy Pappas), which was very nice and made the restaurant seem like a quality family-owned establishment. We even heard him serenading other customers with Greek songs.

Jake and I would definitely go here again. They also offer several sandwich options, which Jake said he would get next time. I would go for the dinner plate again, but try a new meat.

Overall Rating: 3¾ Stars


stephanie said...

ooo, i like this new feature. i can't wait to see where you go. also, i like your new profile pic. very cute.

Lauren said...

I am so excited about this feature! I love trying new places. Woohoo!

OK, that restaurant sounds good! Asparagus sounds so good right now.

diana rose said...

fun feature... we're always looking for new places to try out!