Friday, September 19, 2008

Foodie Friday #2 - Sweet Tomatoes

Welcome back to Foodie Friday.
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Last Saturday, Jake and I had an evening that went like this:

Sophie: (crying)
Jake: We have NO food. Where do you want to go to eat?
Sophie: (throws a tantrum)
Abbie: Maybe we should go to a buffet, so it'll be easier on Sophie
Sophie: (screams for no reason)
Jake: That's a good idea.
Sophie: (crying)

So that's what we did. We went to Sweet Tomatoes. But really, if we were smart, the conversation would have gone like this:

Abbie: Sophie's tired & won't be happy no matter what. Do you want scrambled eggs tonight?
Jake: Yes.

Sweet Tomatoes
(various locations)

Price: $$

Taste: * * *
S&A: * * *
Value: * *

Sweet tomatoes is better for a lunch than a dinner. It starts out as a salad buffet, and then you move on to their hot dishes (soups, pizza, pasta, potatoes). I'm always 100% pleased with the salad bar, and when I think to myself "I feel like Sweet Tomatoes tonight", that's usually what I'm thinking about.

But after my delicious salad is complete, and I walk over to the hot dishes, I always think "Oh yeah. This part is never good." And its true. Their pasta (with exception to the macaroni on occasion) should always be passed up. It's cold no matter what.

I sometimes venture into the soups, but I usually only eat a spoonful or two before my brain registers to me that I don't like what I'm eating. I didn't have the soup this time, but Jake did. He tried the Split Pea Curry and hated it.

After salads, I always get a baked potato and Jake always has a baked sweet potato some pizza (really, it's just fancy bread sticks). Then we both get soft serve for dessert; Jake's is usually on top of the hot dessert of the month.

Sweet tomatoes raises their prices like once a week or something. It seems like it's higher every time we go. They do have regular coupons--they save you less than 15%, but it's something. I wish you could go and pay for the salad bar only. If that was an option, my rating would be much higher.

Before the tantrum phase, Sophie loved this place. There's tons for her to eat from the salad bar, and they also have fresh fruit. Kids 2 & under are free, and after that they have a super-reduced kids price. Like $1.69 or something. So it will be a good deal for her for a long time to come.

Overall Rating: 2¾ Stars


Jake said...

I think I would go with 2 stars max for atmosphere - let's face it, there isn't any. And maybe even 2 stars for food. I don't think a salad and a baked potato are enough to make me give it even an average rating.

I am less impressed with sweet tomatoes every time we go. And your price comment is right on. Way overpriced for a salad bar and some dog food pizza.

Maybe we can find a better salad bar somewhere else. Anybody have suggestions?

Jake said...

Okay, "dog food pizza" might be a little harsh. A little.

stephanie said...

i am almost ashamed to admit how often we have scrambled eggs for dinner. it is our #1 we-have-no-food dinner. soup and toast is another favorite around here.

we can never go to sweet tomatoes. mike HATES it and all other buffet restaurants. they are handy for kids, though.

Mike said...

Hold up, I do not hate ALL buffet restaurants. I like Chinese, and plenty of others. What I don't like is craving protien every time I go to a Sweet-tomatoes-type restaurant.

Abbie said...

I almost used Mike's hate of the meatless atmosphere in my review.

Lauren said...

I have only been to Sweet Tomatoes once, and I think I like Souper Salad a teensy bit better.I remember liking Souper Salad a lot more as a, not so much. I am totally in love with soft serve machine though...oh man.

Lee Padron said...

Yes, Sweet Tamatoes (Souplantation) IS raising their price every few weeks. This makes no sense in a time of massive layoffs and DEFLATION. It's not last summer anymore. Quality is good. Price is outrageious!!!!

Used to go to Sweeet Tamatoes 2-3 times a week. Recently, once a month. Now, NEVER!!!