Thursday, September 25, 2008

Foodie Friday #3 - Streets of New York

Welcome back to Foodie Friday.
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Streets of New York

Various locations throughout Arizona

Price: $$

Taste: * * * *
S&A: * * *
Value: * * *

Jake and I have certain chain restaurants that we deem "good enough". We are definitely not fond of chains in general (why do they always seem to disappoint?), but when you're in Mesa, AZ at the unsightly hour of 8:00 on a Friday night, guess what? They're your only option.

So anyway, we've picked a couple of these said chains that we can go to when we're in a pinch. And last Friday, Jake named Streets of New York as our "Safe Italian Chain". Meaning: If we're craving Italian food, and it's crazy late at night (read: 7:30 or so), we can go to Streets of New York and know that we're getting exactly what we came for: nothing spectacular, but at the same time, nothing gross. (Another safe chain on our list: Mimi's Cafe) So that is how they got 4 stars in taste. Not because they are a 4-star restaurant, but because they presented to us exactly what we came there to eat.

Now, you non-Arizonians out there are probably confused, because Streets of New York is actually an Arizona chain, not a nationwide restaurant. So really, it is local cuisine. It's just hard to remember that when there are 27 restaurants in the area. They serve the common pizza joint food - pizza, salads, hot subs, & appetizers.

Jake had an Italian Sausage sub, that he labeled as "ok, but not spicy enough", and I had the cobb salad, which was cobb salady (not much you can say about a salad). Our main complaint was that we were one of like 4 sets of people there, but our server took an extra long time before coming to take our order (Jake blames the lack of alcohol purchases, but I think he just got distracted in the kitchen or something).

Overall Rating: 3½ Stars

Got a restaurant suggestion for me? Let me know!


Bob said...

You should try the Hilltop Steakhouse on route 1 in Saugus, Ma.

melmck said...

Lulu's (I'm not 100% on that name). Cathy's Ben recommended it to me and Robby and I loved it. It's on Gilbert and Guadalupe.

MeL said...

There's a place called Stickler's in Downtown Phoenix on 3rd Ave and Washington that has delicious sandwiches and the most AMAZING oreo shakes I've had in my life. The only problem though is that they cater to downtown workers, so they are only open M-F from like 7-4. Also it's kind of a pricey sandwich, but like less than 20 for two, and that's even with a shake or two. Definitely worth it if you go though.