Saturday, January 06, 2007

Confession of an Addiction

I have a confession. I have a serious addiction. It's quite ridiculous, but aren't most addictions? I'm not much of a video game player. The only games I like are Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Mario Kart. And at the moment, we own none of these games.

While I can't blame my addiction solely on that problem, I think it aids it. MY ADDICTION: I waste hours and hours of my time (not all at once, and not while Sophie is awake) playing Minesweeper.

Minesweeper, to most people, is just a game that comes with your computer (unless you own a Mac) that you don't bother trying to play. Ever. Well, I do. All the time. And I'm pretty good at it. That, of course, came with practice. Lots and lots of practice.

It's horrible. I find myself in front of the computer playing game after game, thinking to myself, "I should be doing something productive right now". And then I think, "OK, I'm going to stop and do something else.....right after I win one more game."

One reason I don't have very good motivation to tame my addiction is that it's football season. Which would I rather do? Sit in front of a football game in the family room, or idle my time away with Minesweeper? (or clean the bathroom, but who wants to do that when the rest of the household is in front of the TV?) But that's not a very good excuse. Cause next month I'll just use basketball season as my excuse. How terrible of me to look for ways to blame my bad habit on something else.

Anyway, I figure if I get my embarassing addiction publicized, it will give me more motivation to quit. I should make a list of things I can do besides minesweeper.

1. Sew (I need to find a project first though)
2. Send nice e-mails to friends
3. Write
4. Draw
5. Cook
6. File stuff in the office
7. Learn how to knit
8. Read

I'm out of ideas at the moment. All I can think of are more chore-related items (like #6) and I don't want to write them down.


Tori :) said...

I'm afraid to check if we have that game on our computer, because I am weak and I know I will become addicted.

Lindy said...

you could sew an easter dress for sophie ................... or just keep paying

Lindy said...

i mean playing

nora lee said...

Totally love minesweeper! I used to play it for hours and hours in middle/high school. I remember I went to "take you daughter to work day" with my dad and I played minesweeper all day long. (I thought I was pretty awesome at it -- set some excellent records). Luckily we have a mac now, because I don't need another thing to waste time at...I waste plenty of time already.

Macey Kay said...

When I went to college in Flag, my roommate and I shared a was hers. While she was in class, I would sit and play...and beat my own records b/c she never played it. She never understood how I could get so into that 'boring' game until my dad and brothers came to dad went straight to computer and started playing-it is a hard habit to break.

Mike said...

That's why you won't get a mac.
Check it out.

diana said...

at least you're not addicted to drugs.

nana said...

You may remember my similar problem with FreeCell. You may have been at BYU at the time, but I would have to beg my children to turn off the computer, because I didn't have the will power. I feel your shame.