Saturday, January 20, 2007

Graduation Day

This is Sophie yesterday right after her nap. (note the swing)

This is her today during her nap.

Sophie is now 3 months old, and after a few weening weeks, has graduated to her own crib! So far she really likes it because she gets new white slats to look at, and she has a better view of the ceiling fan.

As you can also see in picture #2, she is also learning to nap without a swaddle. She has one arm out, which she uses to pull at her ear, rub her eye, and finally, lounge casually behind her head. She's not so good at the non-swaddle. That dang arm tends to wake her up from her naps earlier than she would normally like.


Kim said...

Congratulations on the graduation to the crib. Sophie looks so relaxed. I like to see that you are reading to her. She looks very interested in the book. By the way, she's darling!

nora lee said...

Bear has that same green striped onesie with pink bow--and she wore it yesterday too!

Robin said...

I think it is so cute and fun when your timy baby moves into the crib. It makes them look even smaller. I swear I swaddled Charlotte forever! She had to be like 7 months old when we finally stopped.

nana said...

Danny slept with his hand behind his head. He would pull the hair out on the back of his fuzzball head.