Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Three Months

Ever since Sophie's 3-month birthday on Sunday, she's been all about doing big-girl things. She loves to sit up in Jake's lap and look out into the room, she loves batting at her toys, and she loves being propped into a sitting position in her Boppy.

On Sunday, her cousin Kiley came over and showed her some cool big-girl tricks like kicking your legs up in the air, wiggling you whole body, and standing up straight when someone is holding you. Sophie watched Kiley intently and learned a lot.


Macey Kay said...

It was fun having our girls 'play.' I can still remember when Kiley turned 3 months-they grow so fast! That is a cute pic. of them. We'll have to have you guys over soon!

Robin said...

What a big girl! And so pretty. It's too bad her mother is an addict.

diana said...

abbie... sophie is so cute!