Wednesday, January 03, 2007

OUR Garage

After about a year and a half in our house, we finally turned our garage into OUR garage. Before now, we were trying to fit our stuff onto the garage shelving and into the garage closet that came with the house. Now, thanks to basically all of our Christmas gifts (bikes, garage shelves, Lowe's gift cards, storage bins) we've turned our garage into exactly what works for us. It's so nice to not have random piles of junk all over the garage, and a closet piled full of stuff. I believe shelves are the key to organization.

Here's Jake at this very moment installing the last of our shelving into the closet. This closet shares a wall with Sophie's room.

Sophie is currently sleeping, even with all that drilling in her wall. What a good girl (thank goodness for white noise!) (p.s. Her room really is dark, I used the "night" option on my camera to take this picture)


diana said...

1. i wish my baby would sleep through drilling in her wall.

2. the night option on your camera turns out way better than mine.

3. jake looks like he's wearing the community t-shirt? or was it yellow sleeves... either way i hated that shirt. no one ever washed it... boys.

nora lee said...

Buddy said, "His head touches the ceiling. He turned 20." Apparently when you turn 20 your head touches the ceiling. Way to go Jake.

nana said...

I thought you were storing Sophie in the garage!

Stephanie said...

ooo, i am very envious of your newly organized garage. ours is a nightmare. and of course sophie looks like an angel.

Tori :) said...

I SOOOOO need to get organized. I bought some shelves for my storage room. Have I used them??? Of course not.