Monday, April 24, 2006

The Belly Growth

Upon an anonymous request (We'll call the requestor "Robin" from here on out for ease of typing purposes) I am posting a profile picture.

This is me at 17 weeks, 6 days. (aka-This morning)

It turns out I'm kind of "S" shaped at the moment. The section between my ribs and my belly button has expanded - probably from all of my intestines being squished together - and it makes me look wide all over. But even with that, there is still a little belly there.

My 2 roughest pregnancy symptoms: Major acne and massive hair loss. "Robin" says those are normal though.


Stephanie said...

are you sure you're pregnant? my belly totally sticks out more than yours. you look great! don't worry about the skin and hair issues. they are just some of the lovely side effects of pregnancy. at some point your hair should stop falling out, and then once you have the baby, it will start falling out again. joy. when are you coming to mesa?

Emily said...

You look kind of like me now, with the sway-back, or as the doctors in my family call it, "bubble butt."

Emily said...

I just looked at the picture again, I take it back, you have no butt, just the sway.

Robin said...

Thank you for filling my request. Although now that you have I must say that I hate you. You are way too skinny for me to like. I am sorry to end our lifelong friendship this way. But until you look pregnant I will not be speaking to you. In person.