Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chocolate Bunnies

I love most all Easter candy. I love Peeps, Cadbury eggs, and all the regular candy turned pastel. But something I especially love is the chocolate bunny. Now, don't get me wrong, I had one this year and it was pretty gross (I think they changed the recipe or something), but it's tradition. Every year, my family would have an Easter egg hunt in our living room on Easter morning, and there would be 4 chocolate bunnies hidden throughout the area. These bunnies were so popular, that the Easter Bunny had to label them so that each child got one.

Well, this year while I was shopping for Jake's Easter basket, I came across a chocolate bunny that was about 14-15" tall, but wasn't in any plastic wrap. I walked up to it to examine it further, and then tried to pierce it with my fingernail (that's also how I tell if plants are real - some fake plants look so lifelike). Anyway, it didn't pierce, so I realized that I was dealing with a FAKE chocolate bunny. I thought it was awesome. Of course I couldn't buy it, it was still before Easter. So, this morning, I went back to the store and they still had them, but they weren't marked down yet. I picked one up and was examining it, and a store clerk came up to me, asked me if I wanted it, took it, turned it over, and priced it at a DOLLAR. It was the best part of my morning.

So now I own my very own chocolate bunny statue. It's our first Easter decoration. Jake and I also began our Christmas decoration collection this year too (I say this year because we only bought stuff in January). Living in a house allows for more storage, and thus more stuff. We kept our "stuff" down to a minimum whilst in the 480 square foot apartment we used to live in. But now we get to decorate for the holidays. It's great.


Robin said...

I have to say I am quite jealous, if you go back to this store you could buy me a chocolate bunny statue and I could pay you back. If not I will still love you anyway.

Jake said...

You spent a dollar without talking to me first? Come straight home after work. We need to talk.

Emily said...

I looked for Easter decorations this year (I don't have ANY yet, but I do have Halloween and Christmas) but didn't find any I liked very much:( I'm glad you were more successful:)

Stephanie said...

can you guess what color mabel's chocolate bunny was? well, not quite pink, but it was white with pink accents.