Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Boy or Girl?

Jake is more and more sure each day that we are having a girl. The Stoddards agree. However, I am now pretty convinced we are having a boy. (Jake's brothers Adam & Sam are with me on this one). I was completely undecided until I had a series of dreams that all talked about baby boys.

#1) Before I was pregnant, I had a dream that I was holding a blonde baby boy (He looked a lot like Mabel). I remember thinking, "I don't remember being pregnant", but I knew he was mine, and I knew he was born in October.

#2) I can't remember the details of this dream, all I know is I was carrying around my baby and it was a boy.

#3) The other day, in my dream we were at the doctor, and I was getting an ultrasound, and the doctor started calling our baby a "he", and then she showed us on the monitor that we were having a boy.

#4) 2 nights ago, I was with my entire family in my dream at some water store. It was taking forever for the employees to fill our order, and we were just waiting around. Most of my family went outside, and just Danny & I remained in the store. Then, Danny looked out the window, pointed, and shouted, "BABY BOY!", which, in dream talk wasn't absurd at all, but instead meant, "It's time to go". And we went outside and got in the truck and left.

Now, as I'm writing all of these dreams, I remember that Jake did have a dream that we had a dark-haired little girl. Notice how Jake imagines babies with dark hair, but I see them with blonde hair. Who knows what we'll really have.

Any other guesses out there?


Robin said...

I think my dreams are even crazier than normal when I am pregnant, and I also have come to believe that they tell me nothing about my actual life. Your brain wants to trick you, so you must be having a girl.

Cathy said...

Dreams may not be as crazy as you think. My boss didn't want to know the sex of her baby until it was born so they just had two names picked out, Jack and Lily. Before she gave birth I had a dream that she had her baby and brought it into our work. The dream baby was a girl and had a full head of dark hair. Then a few weeks later we found out she had a Lily and sent us a picture. The baby had a full head of dark hair. Crazy huh?

Jill said...

Brad is quite sure that most dreams are decoys for the correct gender. Marie Shill had several dreams where she vividly saw the same baby girl... She instead had a huge tank of a baby boy!

Have you checked out our new family blog?

Emily said...

I dreamt last night that I was making out with Colin Firth. What does THAT mean?