Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Fruits of Our Labors

Whenever Jake & I see pictures of our house before we move in, we get a little worried. Even though we have a desert landscape in the front yard, it was still full of yellow and purple flowers, and a bright green tree. Well, after winter hit, our colorful bushes turned in to a bunch of piles of sticks. I though we had killed the entire front yard, even though everyone told me that its impossible to kill desert landscape. I was sure I had done it somehow.

Alas, we didn't give up. We trimmed back our stick bushes and continued to water our barren trees. And this weekend we finally saw some results. Our stick bushes have turned into little green mounds and we got our first rose bud.

I was going to post this yesterday, when our rose first appeared. I took this picture yesterday morning before work. Well, I'm glad I waited. When I got home, this is what my little rose looked like:

Quite the growth for one day. There are more little buds appearing on our rose bushes, so maybe we didn't kill off everything after all.

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Stephanie said...

we feel the same way about our pathetic yard! we thought for sure the entire thing was dead, but everyday something else starts turning green. it is very exciting. and about your baby, when do you find out the gender? all this talk of dreams is making me crazy! it will be fun to see if your dreams were true. i always thought i knew what i was having, but it always ended up being the opposite of what i thought. so who knows, it might be a dark haired girl after all.