Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The 9 Month Itch

Jake and I have lived in 3 places since we've been married.

#1 - The Scottsdale - 9 months

#2 - Windscape - 9 months

We were so glad to buy a house because it meant that we would be somewhere actually permanent, even if permanent might mean only 3 years. 3 years is a lot better than 9 months. So we made the move to Tucson into our wonderful new house (#3).

And then we learned that we will be moving - temporarily - after living here for--any guesses?

Yep. 9 months.

Jake has accepted a summer internship at a law firm in Phoenix, and we will be moving back to Mesa for 3 months. We thought about staying here and having Jake commute, but we figured out we'd be better off just packing up and heading over.

So, come May 15th, we'll be back in good ol' Mesa AZ.


Stephanie said...

Yay! i am so glad you will be close. robin and i can throw you a shower sometime while you are here. if robin moves here, that is. otherwise i will do it on my own. i am excited to see your belly grow!

the stooze said...

Hey, then you can come hang out with us. And we can force you guys to play Settlers of Catan. That is, if we don't move away--graduation is May 11.

Robin said...

I hope we get there while you are still there. 9 months, that's funny. Julia Gulia that's funny. Well did you tell your work yet?

Emily Jensen said...

We're on state #3 (unless you count our summer in AZ then it would be 4, and if you count our semester in Nepal that would be something else) and next year we will probably be on state #4.