Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Trip to Mesa

Last Wednesday, I took a mini-vacation to Mesa. This was for 2 reasons: First, Jake started finals last week, and had an 8-hour final on Friday that I didn't want to be a distraction for. And second, I'm quitting my job in 2 weeks and they don't pay out my accrued vacation time. I've worked for 6 months straight without taking a day off, I think I deserve something.

Anyway, I spent the end of last week reading books to Mabel, running around with Oliver, watching HGTV, looking for a summer job, and just relaxing.

On Thursday, I decided to go visit my old job in Phoenix. As I was driving down the freeway in Tempe, I noticed that Jake's brother was driving next to me, so I got to see him too. He was a little surprised to see me.

Here is a picture of Oliver Saturday morning after we accidentally let him stay up past his bedtime on Friday night.

p.s. Check back Tuesday to hear our baby gender news!


Abbie said...

I can't wait. I hope you're not going to make me wait for the blog entry.

Stephanie said...

those pictures are really sweet. i can't wait to hear your news!

Anonymous said...

the first comment was obviously from jake, not abbie

Leslie said...

looks like you'll be a great mom, abbie; those little court cousins of ours are lucky to have such a fun aunt! letting them stay up late! can't wait to hear your news!

Robin said...

are you getting your doctor visit in tucson and then moving to mesa that weekend? Have you found a new doctor in mesa yet? Tuesday is really soon. I hope your baby is cooperative. I bet you guys make pretty good babies.