Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sophie & Sam

Sophie meeting her baby b
rother a couple hours after he was born

Sophie loves her "Baby Am". She was so proud to hold him the first time she saw him in the hospital last Tuesday. Every time she sees him, she gets excited, runs over, pats his head, and exclaims "CUUUUTE BAAAY-Beeeeeeee!"

This picture (above) was taken the first time Sophie saw Sam after we got released from the hospital. She asked to hold him, and just kept him on her lap for several minutes. She was really proud at that moment to be a big sister.

She likes that he's around all the time now, and is still figuring out how to touch him softly. Frequently used phrases at our house this past week include "Don't push on his face" "No twisting his arm" and "Use your quiet voice, please."


Kim said...

Sophie is so darling! That Baby Am is pretty great too!

Pumpkin Country said...

What a doll! Your son is precious♥Niki in mesa