Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pure Heaven

One week old babies are pure heaven.

Did you know that?

This is how I try to spend most of my waking hours. Even if it is harder to type or eat or stand up (difficulty standing has more to do with the major abdominal surgery 5 days ago than the baby).

The deliciousness of a (my) one-week-old includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • He squeaks like a dolphin sporadically throughout the day
  • His cry is a tiny, high-pitched hoarse squeal, which, unfortunately for him, we find to be absolutely darling
  • His favorite place to sleep happens to also be my favorite place for him to sleep (see above picture)
  • He's squishy
  • It's fun to find different features of ourselves in him every day
  • Every once in a while his fingers find his mouth, which he loves
  • Newborn baby smell
  • When his eyes are open, they are looking at your eyes
  • Sleep, eat, squeal, repeat

This bliss is something I didn't appreciate with Sophie. I'm glad I have the opportunity to enjoy it now.


Jennifer said...

He sure is cute, Abbie. Congratulations!!!

Jacie said...

I LOVE the first two months. They are so sweet when they are newborns. I am so sad that my baby is already 4 weeks old and growing! He is precious... enjoy!

stephanie said...

yes, enjoy it. it passes far too quickly. seeing your sam is making me awfully anxious for another of my own.

melmck said...

i'm glad you are able to appreciate this stage and recognize you couldn't appreciate it with sophie. give him extra lovin from me.

shauntel said...

Oh, I love newborns. He's so sweet.

Emily said...

How could you not appreciate baby Sophie bliss? Too much new parenting stuff overwhelming you?

Robin said...

Oooh, he looks very squishy and wonderful. I had my 3 youngest at my mom's today while I took tucker to the doctor and thought i might be able to come visit you, but the doc took too long and it didn't happen. I really hope i can come soon.