Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Tour Part IV: Nursery



Finally, the nursery is complete.

I decided to go with a brown, green, & white nature theme. We traded out Sophie's old white crib for this new brown one, and bought leafy-patterned crib sheets to go in it. And then to accent with more brown, I spray painted the diaper baskets and recovered the changing table mat and a valance in a brown striped fabric. I also made new liners for the diaper baskets and the dirty clothes basket (not shown) with a cute bird & branch fabric.

The mural on the wall was painted by me. I followed Robin's lead and projected an image I liked onto the wall to trace & paint, and then hand-painted the grass and bird by myself. The whole thing was surprisingly easy to do.

The mobile is made of felt and a tree branch from our back yard. And the shadow boxes (there are 4 on the wall next to the closet, only one is shown up close) are filled with various branches & leaves from around the neighborhood.

I'm very happy with how everything turned out. Now we just need something soft and squishy to come sleep in the crib.


Raychelle said...

Very cute. And I'm glad I was able to steal the projection idea. I didn't realize it started from Robin, so I'll have to thank her as well.

Raychelle said...

Oops I didn't realize I'm signed in under Raychelle. She must have used the computer recently. This is Lindsi by the way.

melmck said...

um, i don't understand. what would posess you to get rid of that panda bear wall border?

stephanie said...

it looks so good, abbie. i love everything.

but yes, let's get that squishy baby in there. after saturday.

Skye said...

the painting is beautiful! Good luck with everything this week.

Mimi said...

DARLING! I think we have more in common then we thought. What a fun new neighbor to have. He's gonna love his new digs!

nana said...

It is very soft and peaceful. Perfect for your new little Sam.

diana said...

i'm impressed with your steady handed paint job. it looks great.