Monday, August 10, 2009

Pregnancy Update

So, I haven't posted a lot about this pregnancy. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's cause it's not as novel as the first time, or maybe it's because I'm busy with a new house and a 2-year-old, or maybe it's because we didn't have reliable internet for a while in the middle there, or maybe it's because our camera battery charger has gone missing, or maybe it's because I'm lazy and hot right now.

Take your pick.

Anyway, here's the update:

  • My official due date is August 19th
  • I have one shirt, one skirt, and one pair of pants that fit. Today I'm wearing one of Jake's shirts and a pair of PJ bottoms.
  • I have no concept of "cold". As I sat for over 2 hours in our church's chapel yesterday, perfectly comfortable, I looked around and noticed women with blankets over their legs, and my husband trying to warm his icy fingers on my neck. I also sleep with 3 fans blowing on me.
  • Due to my previous c-section, I have a scheduled c-section on Tuesday August 18th, bright & early.
  • If I happen to go into labor before then, I will try for a V-BAC, but will not use ANYTHING to artificially promote labor (pitocin, stripped membranes, etc.) If it doesn't progress, I'll move on to a c-section. This is my own personal choice due to my previous experience, and the advice from my doctor regarding the safety of V-BACs.

So, in summary, I will have a baby sometime within the next 8 days. His nursery is 99% complete. I just have to get our drill out and hang up the valance, and then pictures will follow.


Jacie said...

I'm kind of a birth junkie so here's hoping you VBAC:) Either way... good luck!

Macey said...

Exciting! And you (your face only) looks like Cathy. Good luck :)

k. double-u. said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! So very soon.