Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks, Martha

Alright, here's how I think it went down. But honestly, I don't quite remember.

I got an e-mail several weeks ago from Martha Stewart Living (I subscribe to the magazine), asking me to take a survey to win a prize. I was bored, so I took the survey. I found out that the prize was only offered to the first 100 people who took the survey, so after I took it, I just deleted the e-mail and figured it was just an act of service.

Fast forward to last Friday, and look what appeared on my front doorstep:

A "Living" apron, a silicon cupcake baking sheet, and "Martha Stewart's Cookies" cookbook. (No note or letter or anything accompanying it, and no e-mail telling me I had won.)

What a great surprise on a Friday afternoon!

Thanks, Martha!

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