Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Girl




Happy Birthday, Sophie

You're a treat to be around, and I love you.

  • You make up jokes in the back seat, and then laugh at them.
  • You sometimes mumble your own prayer when someone is blessing the food.
  • You just learned how to say "Mama" 2 weeks ago, but we're OK with that.
  • You love your blanket.
  • You have the best sense of hearing, and can imitate anything that makes a sound outside our house (airplane, helicopter, motorcycle, truck)
  • You love horses, kitties, elephants, and water.
  • You're always in the mood for a banana.
  • You imitate everything we do.

Keep growing up, but please always be my baby.

Love, Mama


Jennifer said...

She sure is cute, Abbie.

Happy Birthday, Sophie!

nana said...

Lots of love on your birthday, Sophie! You took your time to get here, but you are so worth it! You are always full of surprises. Love, Nana

stephanie said...

we love sophie! happy birthday!

Emily said...

I got a little choked up.

diana rose said...

happy birthday to your big, little girl!

shauntel said...

Happy Birthday Sophie - sorry we didn't make cupcakes and that you got tired.