Monday, October 13, 2008

Sophie Celebrates Her Birthday

For Sophie's birthday, we decided to celebrate at the park. Sophie loves being outside, and she loves a good slide, so we figured that this would be perfect for her. We grilled hot dogs and invited family & friends, and we had a great time.

Sophie was happy almost every minute of it, she loved the food, and she even blew out her candles.

She also got some great presents,
including some Mickey toys,

A doll bed with a new doll

and a car for watching drive-in movies.

What a great time!


kathy said...

Oh, my gosh. That car is sooo cute. I've gotta get me one of those.

Kim said...

That is the best birthday party hair ever! It was a fun party.

Macey Kay said...

What a celebration! Her piggies are super cute :)