Monday, October 27, 2008

Customer In Training

To kill time the other day, Sophie and I walked through a Petco. We don't have any pets, but Sophie sure enjoys viewing them. As an unexpected bonus, she got to push her own cart around the store - their "Customer in Training" carts were available at the front entrance.

Boy was she proud to walk that thing around.

In other news, Sophie is now putting words together. Her first grouping was "Nana geeez" (Nana cheese). And this weekend, she learned to say "Ah-yee, doe doe doe" (Abby, no no no - while shaking her finger [at the dog, not me. we were housesitting])


Lindsi said...

Yes, I think more stores should have these. Until it's time for us to leave of course.

diana rose said...

hah! that's fantastic, more stores need these. how random to have them at petco... a store that has real-life animals that children can be entertained by without the need of small carts.

i've been awaiting a blog about the halloween party... i wanna see your costumes!