Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday Fun

Friday was a day full of activities. We started the day early with a trip to the zoo. Sophie and I have never been to this zoo, so it was a great trip. We met up with Macey & Kiley for a morning of zebras, rhinos, & elephants.

While I didn't get any pictures with actual animals in them, we WERE really at a zoo. Sophie didn't really grasp the whole zoo concept, but she did like the giraffes and ostriches.

Then that evening, we went to the park for the beginning-of-the-year law school party. Luckily, Nana was in town, so we had a nanny to watch the little one while we mingled.

One of Sophie's new favorite games is peek-a-boo. Actually, it just seems like she doesn't like other people to wear her blankets on their heads.

p.s. Cathy:


Stephanie said...

finally. guy, where have you been? sophie is cute.

Kayelyn said...

I don't like other people wearing my blankies on their heads either.

Cute pics.

I love the zoo.

Macey Kay said...

We had fun at the zoo...Ben says Kiley looks like a boy in that picture. Hope to see you soon.

diana rose said...

i love that first pic. sophie's making an awesome model face.