Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hide and Seek

I only left the room for a second.

When I came back, she was no where to be found.

I think back. As I left, I saw her heading toward the bathroom.

I look there first - but it was empty.

I turn the corner into the family room. At this point, I am in the fork in the road of my house. Do I proceed forward into the kitchen? Do I take a left and search the bedrooms? Right in to the den? Should I turn around and look in the office?

I become worried. This search could take a while with no direction.

I call out her name. (Calling out her name is usually followed by the sound of crawling knees scuffling across the tile).




Still nothing. Heart starts to beat faster.

I now have to make a decision at this fork.

But wait. I DID see her traveling in the direction of the bathroom. Could I have missed her in there?

I decide to open the shower curtain.

And that's when I see it.


(dun dun dun)


nana said...

Sophie, you little stinker!! This will be the first of many games of hide and seek with her. She is enjoying this way too much!

Kayelyn said...

Oh how cute. She should have a big grin. She out-smarted momma!

nora lee said...

That's so cute!

Kim said...

What a clever little girl! I think she gets that from her parents.

The Headmaster said...

That's a cute story, babies are smart.

melmck said...

how did she get that curtain closed? what a stinker and a cutie!

Robin said...

HaHa! Mom's are so easily freaked out, believe me, I know.

Stephanie said...

how did i not see this post until now?
she is so tricky! i think you're in for it with this one. she is obviously pretty clever.

Macey Kay said...

That is cute...what a funny little gal

diana rose said...

what an adorable picture... i love it.

i lose ava about once a week, she just loves to run away from me. i never can take her out of the shopping cart at the grocery store, she just takes off!

Lauren said...

She is adorable!

Emily said...

Awesome post, great story telling.

Tricia said...

I know that feeling. Mine was 2 and decided to play hide and seek with me and daddy without telling us. I was on my way to call the police when she came out from under the truck tool box. Love the picture.