Monday, September 24, 2007

8 Simple Rules

There's a new Sheriff in town,
and her name is Sophie.

Her rules are simple.

1. The coffee table must be cleared off at all times.

2. Any newspaper found on said coffee table must be hand shredded immediately.

3. All books must be opened and read.

4. Due to an unseasonably high stink time, all diapers must be changed at least 5 times daily.

5. Bags and wallets will be searched several times a day, without prior notice.

6. Dressers and closets are also subject to search.

7. Door should not be left open. Or closed. They should always be the opposite of what they currently are.

8. All parents must be in a position to be easily climbed on/over at the Sheriff's convenience.

If you follow these rules, you won't have any trouble with her. If you don't, you're taking your destiny into your own hands.


Kayelyn said...

LOL. I remember the times when those 8 simple rules were at my home.


Stephanie said...

she makes a cute sherrif. she can come lay down the law at our house any day.

melmck said...

in reference to stephanie's comment: when sophie lays down the law there, can we be invited to join in the fun? we really miss her.

Tori :) said...

And it only gets worse... :D

Thanks so much for the good mail!!!

Robin said...

Your last two posts have sure made me smile! This big.

Haley said...

What a cute post! Thanks sooooo much for the letter and recipe! How sweet!

Kim said...

This post is so clever. I loved it! Abbie, you are so creative.
I love that thing Sophie is doing with her lips in the top picture. She sure looks like she is running the place.

Mel said...

Yipes, she must keep you busy:)

Thanks so much for the good mail.

Anonymous said...

awww shes so cute!!!

diana rose said...

this is great!

i'm glad she still sports the bow here and there.

Macey Kay said...

Oh Sophie...she rocks

Emily said...

Our sherrif does a lot of discipline in the form of one-finger pokes to the face.