Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Motherhood Solution #1

How do you make sure that your baby's
favorite blanket is clean whenever she needs it?

Answer: You make 5 of them.

This summer I faced a dilemma. Sophie NEEDS a blanket (with the corner stuffed in her mouth) to fall asleep. And with a blanket, she can sleep pretty much anywhere. So her blanket is a powerful tool. The dilemma though, was that it's 115 degrees in Arizona during the summer - not exactly blanket weather when she's trying to sleep in her car seat. My solution was to make super-mini summer blankets. I bought 2 types of fabric - silky & flannelly, and made her 2 blankets - both with a soft velvety back.

Well, last night, both blankets were dirty, so I decided, after Sophie went to bed, to use my extra material to make some more blankets. Boy did I have a happy baby this morning. She hardly knew what to do with so many blankets. She just kept trading off, checking all of them out (all 12 corners). She's in blanket heaven.

And I don't have to worry about a dirty or lost blanket anymore.


Kayelyn said...

word verification says vqkkfuy. which I think translates into thankfully.

Back to my comment.

One of my kids liked the burp diapers- they were called woobies. Clean one everytime when you buy a package. Yay!!

Another kid liked the thermal blankets. Yep, just bought a bunch.

None of them were as cute as your Sophie's new blankets. Fabuloso idea.

Macey Kay said...

Good thinking...Kiley is not a blanket girl at all. You have proved once again that you have some sweet sewing skills.

Lauren said...

She is so lucky! I love my blankies...I wish I had that many cute ones!

Cathy said...

Kayelyn must watch a lot of Dora the Explorer.

melmck said...

good call. if i could sew, i might do that too.

Jacie said...

Hey I can't believe I found you on here! How are you guys. Are you back in Tucson now?

Emily said...


Jacie said...

Don't worry most people in both of our families are ASU fans so we're used to being teased about it. I tried to back track and figure out how I found your blog and it was so random that I couldn't even duplicate it. Pretty crazy! Are you guys moving back up here for good when Jake graduates? We are living in Gilbert until Feb/March and then we are most likely moving to Sahuarita for 3 years. I can't believe how big Sophie is! She's a cutie.

Mel said...

Love it!

I wonder if my eight year old would like one.... LOL.

Tricia said...

what a great idea.

Shaka said...

good idea. my 3 kids have all had a blanket that i had to sneak away and wash. my 2nd son actually stuffed the ruffle on his blanket in his mouth too! such a wierd thing-but he never wanted a pacifier-just to suck on the blanket.