Sunday, August 12, 2007

Journal Jar #16: Ideal Location

If I Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be? Why?

Jake & I have decided that where we're old, we'll need 2 vacation homes: one for me, the beach vacationer; and one for him, the skier. As for MY dream vacation home, I think I would pick Mexico (Jake's would be Jackson, WY).

For me, nothing beats a nice, relaxing time at the beach, and what better way to enjoy the beach than with a shrimp taco in your hands? Now don't get me wrong, I love other types of vacations too, not just the sandy kind. But that's what Jackson is for.


melmck said...

Portland, Oregon. Then you can visit all the pretty places around it, not to mention an awesome cabin in the woods. So more outside Portland.

Lauren said...

I'm with you...I love beaches and beachy food.

diana rose said...

abbie, don't worry, spencer picked up smoking from bryce and blake, so it's okay.

heidi lou said...

I need to go to the beach. :)
and i just tried rubio's fish tacos which were AMAZING.
and I read your profile-and I am so with you on the unnecessary exclamation marks topic.
It's always annoyed me, haha.

Macey Kay said...

I totally remember Jill and I going with your fam to Mexico and eating those fish tacos from the guy on the corner...delcious! Good compromise

diana rose said...

no abbie, i say words straight backwards. so, dashing would be gnihsad. crazy to find a fellow backwardian, i had no idea.