Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Check Out My New Skills

Sophie has been doing a lot of growing lately. Lucky for you, I captured her 2 newest accomplishments in one photo.

Here she is STANDING on her own and WAVING. Yes, she's waving to herself, but she means well. She only waves at someone if it's the first time she's seen them that day, and she only waves hello, not good-bye.


Stephanie said...

she totally looks like she's walking in that picture. we had fun with her today. we will miss you when you go back to tuscon.

Kayelyn said...

That is so sweet. My little ones started out waving to themselves, too. They eventually figure out how to turn their wrist around.

Cute, cute, cute.

diana rose said...

what a big girl she is!

ava still waves hi and bye backwards.

Emily said...

I squealed outloud when I saw this picture. I thought she was walking. Too cute.