Monday, October 30, 2006

The Name Game

I got tagged by Robin, who was tagged by Stephanie, who was tagged by Leslie for The Name Game.

I named my daughter Sophie Grace.

When we got pregnant, I wanted to wait to see what we were having before discussing names, just to simplify the process, but that didn't happen. We got too excited to think of names, and began a list for both genders.

I was really undecided about boy names before we got our ultrasound, and was kind of hoping that we'd have a girl, just to give me more time to think about boy names. Jake & I threw around a bunch of girl names, and had our list narrowed down to a few that we both liked, but in different orders. My top name was Annie, and Jake's top name was Ella. Then we thought of Sophie, and added it to our list. I decided in my head that Sophie is what I really really wanted to use, but didn't say anything, as I was still up for using the other names. Then one day, Jake said, "I really like the name Sophie" so I jumped in and said that I did too, so it stuck.

We both feel it is really important to use a family name in the names of our children - either as the first name or as the middle name. Grace is Jake's paternal grandmother's name. He has always wanted to use it as a middle name, and it fit perfectly with Sophie, so that is how Sophie Grace got her name.

I tag Nana, Jill B., Jill S., & Shauntel (start a blog!)


Jake said...

good call with the nana tag. she's got to get her blog going.

Kim said...

What?! No Picture?!! I am only kidding (I think). I can't wait until Sophie Grace comes back to visit.

nana said...

Abigail is named after Abigail Adams because I loved the name from my favorite movie and play "1776" "Abigail, Abigail, I have such a desire to knock heads together." Kristin is one of Steve's favorite cousins.

the stooze said...

Ok. I guess I'll admit it. I already have a blog. I usually don't tell people about it because I'm bound to delete it in a month or two. That's how the cycle has gone in the past.