Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dr. Karp Theories in Action

Today is Sophie's 2-week birthday. According to Dr. Karp, this is the time that babies begin to show signs of colic. Sophie is a very happy baby, but for the last couple days, she has had a hard time calming herself starting at around 7pm, with an additional fussy time somewhere between 3 & 6am.

So, here is Sophie with 3 of Dr. Karp's methods of calming in action. Notice her radio in the swing next to her. Prior to this she was fussy, sad, and flailing her arms and legs.

She has always loved to be Swaddled, and likes being carried around on her Side. About a week ago, we introduced her to naps in the Swing, which she took to nicely. Only yesterday did we introduce her to her radio. It's tuned in to her favorite station: White Noise. It stops her crying instantly. The hair dryer is just as effective, as is Jake or I Shushing her. She is still getting used to Sucking on a pacifier, but I think she's catching on.

I now fully appreciate Dr. Karp's theories, and encourage everyone on earth to read his book, "The Happiest Baby on the Block" (recommended to me by Stephanie). He has saved us from hours of walking around the house, bouncing a fussy baby. And more importantly, he has saved Sophie from what could have been hours of sad, red-faced cries.

Sorry for the 100% promotional blog entry here, but I thought it needed to be done. I'm very glad both Jake and I read his book before she was born, so we were ready for her when she came.


Stephanie said...

yay! i am so glad you guys liked the book. it is definitely a must read for all new parents. sophie seems like she is in very good hands. good job.

we can't wait to see her next weekend!

Robin said...

I was just telling someone about that the other day. I thought it was you, but obviously not, cause they didn't know about it. I always knew about swaddling, but Gina introduced me to The Happiest baby on the Block video from the library, it was awesome to see him show his methods. Yay!

Mrs. Burns said...

Happy Birthday Sophie.

Emily said...

I put that book on my amazon wishlist. Now hopefully someone will buy it for me for Christmas.