Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hooray for Visitors!

Sophie has had so many visitors this past week!

On Thursday, she had a great time with her Nana Susan, who can calm her instantly.

On Friday, she enjoyed her time with her Aunt Stephanie, who couldn't get enough of her great smell, and her 2 cousins: Mabel (who thought she was so soft) and Oliver (who was a little hesitant to come close to her).

On Saturday, her Aunt Robin & cousin Charlotte came to say hi (their relationships are a little more complicated than that - Robin is actually my cousin. This just seems easier). Robin made us a delicious dinner and Charlotte & Sophie get along great (for a one-week-old & a 9-month-old). They seem so far apart in age/size right now, but that will soon change.

And on Sunday, her Great-Grandma Donna stopped by to give her a kiss, and later that evening, her Grandma Kim came to love & snuggle her.

She is surrounded by family & friends who love her so much, and Jake & I appreciate the help and dinners provided.

p.s. Isn't she beautiful?


Stephanie said...

yes, she is very beautiful. and she smells delicious.

Robin said...

She is gorgeous and a great kisser. I love her.

Tori :) said...

Everytime I read your blog or Robin's or Stephanie's I am so jealous of all the family you have near by!!!!! Such a sweet baby!

Mrs. Burns said...

I am glad you like visitors because I will be in Tucson on Thursday and Macey says she will take me to see you. I can't find your number but when I do I am going to call you.

Kim said...

Thanks for letting me come to visit Abbie, Jacob and Sophie. She is the cutest, sweetest baby girl ever! I miss her already.