Monday, October 09, 2006

Day 1

Well, after just over 24 hours with Sophie, we're convinced that she's the most beautiful, well-behaved, sweetest-smelling child in the whole world. See for yourself:

You can see the bruise on the right side of her upper lip
from where she got stuck on the way out

Abbie, teaching Sophie to kiss. She's a quick study.

She has quite the little head of hair. We're pretty surprised.

Sophie and her dad. She gets a lot of him while Abbie is recovering.

Sophie with Grandpa.

My two sweet girls


Leslie said...

wow, she is a really beautiful baby! congratulations on all that hard work Abbie, and Jake, don't you just love Abbie so much more now that you've seen what she can do? I'm so happy for you, maybe one day I'll meet my sister's husband's sister's baby, Sophie. :)

Kim said...

Thanks so much for putting up these pictures. I am sending them to all my friends. So cute!

Stephanie said...

she is so pretty! and abbie, you look totally fabulous! we can't wait to come see her!

mabel says:
that baby is cute. i love her a lot. i want to see the baby lots.
from, mabel

Robin said...

Those are two beautiful girls! And I am totally about to cry now. i can't wait to come see her. We are so happy she found her way out of there, even if it did take someone cutting her mom open and prying her out. She's just perfect!

Jill said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad you finally get to hold her!

Emily said...