Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Sophie went Trick or Treating for the first time this year. She was looking forward to it for a week, and practiced all the time to yell "trick or treat!" ("Fwi oh fweeee!"). We only went to a few houses around our neighborhood, but it was enough for her. As she was leaving one particularly good house, she exclaimed to me "This makes me SO HAPPY!" It totally made my day.

Note about the costume: We had a size 12 month duck costume from a previous event two years ago. I added yellow foam letters spelling "DUCK" down both sides, bought a pair of orange tights, and turned her into the Word World duck. Anyone with a 2-year-old got it, everyone else just thought she was a cute duck.


Emily said...

SO cute. It was Jonah's first year trick-or-treating as well and it was a huge hit (though his dad was a little disappointed in his candy haul).

diana said...

that girl sure is cute. you and jake get creativity points every halloween.

shauntel said...

word world is awesome. love the costume.