Friday, October 30, 2009

My Black Tie Optional Attire

Jake and I were invited to a Black Tie Optional wedding. As you can imagine, I had nothing to wear. And on top of that, it was nearly impossible for me to shop for it because I was growing increasingly big with child during the months leading up to it. And on top of that, have you ever tried to search for a cocktail dress with sleeves? Ridiculous.

Enter Stephanie.

She offered to make me a dress if I found a pattern. So I did (this one).

And this is what she turned it in to:

And here I am with my two handsome dates.

It was tons of fun to dress up for a night, eat good food, and see our good friends get married.


k. double-u. said...

So pretty.

Macey said...

Wow, you look great and Stephanie is amazing!

stephanie said...

the red flower clip totally completes the look. you looked great, abbie.

Emily said...


Lauren said...

Stephanie did such an amazing job. You look beautiful!