Monday, November 19, 2007

Ducks Mascot

Jake, Grandpa, and Sophie went to the Arizona/Oregon game on Thursday. Being huge DUCKS fans, it was only fitting that they dressed Sophie appropriately for the occasion. After extensive internet searches for a baby Oregon cheerleader outfit (which we learned were recently discontinued), Jake decided to dress our daughter up as a duck.

Lucky for us, the game was only a couple weeks after Halloween, so we scored this outfit at Target for 75% off.

Needless to say, Sophie was a hit. Jake had 4 different people stop him to take her picture - once by a UofA fan! She absolutely loves the costume, and even liked wearing the hoodie. (sorry-camera phone photos only)



Macey Kay said...

Very, VERY Cute! Target Clearance...what a find! You guys are the best bargain shoppers.

Cathy said...

Sophie looks awesome. I hope she still remembers how to be cute when you guys are here for Thanksgiving, sometimes she forgets some of her tricks at our house.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

We were in serious mourning over the results of this game because we actually live in Duck Country. I got your blog off the good mail girls list. How funny to find Oregon where I wasn't expecting it.