Monday, November 05, 2007

Reviews By Sophie - Part II: Unconventional Toys

Part II: Unconventional Toys

Real Phone: 10

Shoes: 10

Desk Drawer: 10
(Check out those tip toes!)

Under the Desk: 10

Flowers: 10

Dishwasher (& fridge): 10

Piano: 10

Obviously, since Sophie picked all of these toys out by herself, she likes them all A LOT.


diana rose said...

those tippy-toes are fantastic!

i wish my desk drawers were as organized as yours.

melmck said...

that is all gracie will play with some days. so she also gives them all a 10, as well.

Cathy said...

For rating "under the desk" a 10, she sure doesn't look happy to be under there.

Kim said...

All this time I thought Sophie was a gymnast and she is really a ballerina. I'm with Cathy on the under the desk thing.

Emily said...

Jonah would also give shoes a 10. Yuck! He wants to taste them so he doesn't ever get to play with them for more than a few seconds.

nana said...

Add to the list Ethel. And cat food, and cat water. I'm sure she feels the same about the dogs.