Friday, November 09, 2007

Dollar Bin Fashion

Thanks to the Target Dollar Bins, Sophie has been able to keep a seasonal wardrobe. How fashion forward is she?

Summer: Cherries (with cherry socks)
Fall: Halloween Ghost
Winter: Snowflakes (with candy cane striped socks)

note if you buy one for yourself: sizes run big. Sophie is still wearing a 6-9mo in these shirts


diana rose said...

candy cane striped socks? i gotta get to target! so cute!

Kayelyn said...

I so love the dollar bins at T@rget. You can find some great deals.

Lauren said...

Man, I love Target and their dollar deals. I tend to spend too much on them though...ironic.

nora lee said...

Those are so cute! Somehow in all my Target shopping I have managed to miss these -- too bad for me.

melmck said...

i have to get gracie some candy can striped socks for sure.

Macey Kay said...

Sophie is always keepin it real. We got Kiley a firecracker shirt but it sure didn't fit right-good advice on their sizing.