Thursday, November 01, 2007

Reviews By Sophie - Part I: Traditional Toys

Welcome to Sophie's Reviews. Sophie rates things for you on an unbiased scale of 1-10. This review will come in handy if you ever have a Sophie of your own. If you have any other baby, though, the results will probably be different.

Part I: Traditional

Phone: 10
You've seen this toy in action before. It's a classic, and obviously retains its charm in this digital age.

Pop-Up Toy: 7
Sophie loves this. Positive feature: Sings when animals pop up. Negative: Sophie can cheat and pry doors open without twisting the knobs. And the animals do not sing for cheaters

Standing Toy: 11
On a scale of 1-10, this toy is an 11. One more. This toy wins the extra award of longevity. It has withstood the test of time (which is only a couple of months, but in baby time, it's like 1/2 of Sophie's life). A definite favorite in our house.

Singing Dog: 7
Sophie rocks out to all the songs, but gets bored if he is just talking or rhyming.

Rocking Horse: 5
Bonus Award: Fastest rising on the charts. When Sophie first got this horse, she was terrified of it. Now she loves to pat it (but only at an arms reach). She also likes when it "nay"s, but flinches every time it first starts to make a noise.

Lego Door: 8
Stolen from Nana's house, this toy is great for taking in the car, opening and closing its door, and playing peek-a-boo with.

Ball Thing: 1
This toy is never fun.

Mini Piano: 8

Walking Helper Toy: 2
The only reason this toy didn't get a 1 is because Sophie likes to play with the toys attached to the front. But as far as using it to walk - negative. Hopefully she'll like it more when she can use it as a ride-on. Bonus for me: I got it used for $4.

Frozen Teething Ring: 6
Bonus Award: Cry Stopper. The frozen teething ring helps sooth bumped faces and just generally sad babies.

Baby Laptop: 8
Provides only minutes of fun at a time, but can be used DAILY.

Wooden Park: 7
Bonus Award: Surprise Top Toy. I was surprised that Sophie likes this as much as she does. She plays with it daily.


diana rose said...
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diana rose said...

ava has 5 of those toys. i'd rate all of them the same except for the puppy which ava absolutely loves, however i hate that the on/off switch is too sensitive and i often hear it singing in her closed toy box. on second thought, i would give it a 7.

(i had to erase my first comment because there was a typo and you know how embarassing a typo can be.)

Stephanie said...

i will definitely have to keep sophie's recommendations in mind when stella starts getting into toys. will you please tell her thank you for me?

Leslie said...

miles concurs with the ball thing and the phone. thank you.

oh, and sophie has lots of toys. maybe it's just that they're all so NEW as opposed to ours, which are mostly about 6 1/2 years old.

melmck said...

i think it's funny that she is scared of the horse. but who am i to talk? gracie is afraid of balloons, for cryin out loud.

Kim said...

Your blog is always so entertaining.
Love the tights!

Kim said...

Of course I mean, love the tights, in your Halloween post.

Macey Kay said...

Good advice! She has some cool toys-Those ball things must only be good for newborns or something

PS-I'm dying to know what's 'in' for winter-I won't decorate until I hear it straight from your blog

Jacie said...

I love that sophie rates her toys:) Also, cool halloween costumes.

Emily said...

I'm still laughing about the lego door.