Friday, July 10, 2009

Foodie Friday #15 - Fry Bread House

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Fry Bread House
4140 N. 7th Ave. Phoenix

Price: $$

Taste: * * * *
S&A: * * *
Value: * * * *

Jake and I make it to The Fry Bread House about once a year. This is due to the location being far away, and the ability it has to clog major arteries with one meal. But oh, is it delicious. (and owned/operated by the Tohono O'odham tribe, which is down near Tucson).

We each had a fry bread taco, but really came for the dessert (more on that later). I got the vegetarian taco (beans, green chilis, lettuce, tomatoes, & sour cream served in fry bread) and Jake got a regular Indian Taco (very similar to mine, but with beef instead of chilis & sour cream). The tables have bottles of red sauce to add to your tacos. They come folded in half, but unfolded, are the size of your plate. Just huge. We liked both, but agreed that mine was the better of the two.

When we ordered our meal, we also ordered a dessert fry bread to share, with butter, powdered sugar, and honey. They didn't make it until we were nearly done with our tacos, so that it would be piping hot when we were ready to eat it. I would drive to Phoenix weekly for this thing (if it wasn't 115 degrees outside). It is fabulous. This time around, the fry bread is about twice the size of your plate, and thinner than the taco shell. I couldn't find a picture that showed off its true enormity, but it's about the size of a medium pizza. It's crispy, gooey goodness just melts in your mouth and then rests heavily in your stomach for the next several hours.

Overall Rating: 3¾ Stars

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stephanie said...

good to know. mike and i tried the fry bread place on main street across from food city and were not impressed. next time we'll have to go to phoenix.