Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Ultrasound

Baby #2's ultrasound went really well this morning. We had a
morning full of appointments, so we've been quite a busy family.
It started at 8:00 when Jake left for his first of two of his OWN
doctors appointments. And then at 9:00, Sophie and I left the
house for our visiting teaching appointments. Check your cal-
endars, folks. Today is the FIRST of the MONTH! And I was done
with my VTing before 10am. Okay, anyway, after those appoint-
ments, I dropped Sophie off at Jake's parents' house to be babysat,
and then Jake and I met at the ultrasound place just in time for
the appointment. Everything looks really good. T
he baby is
measuring at exactly 20 weeks, and I heard the ultrasound tech
count five fingers on a hand at least once during the whole process.
Overall, it was a great experience, and as you can see, we're excited
for our new addition in August.

p.s. if you guess what it is, let me know, but don't spoil it for others!


Robin said...

Very good. I did not catch it right away, but also it didn't take me all day. Congrats!

diana said...

awesome. i got it right away. looks like my previous guess on saturday was wrong. congratulations!

stephanie said...

ha! i knew it. yay.

MeL said...

Very clever and very exciting. Hooray for babies!

Leslie said...

oh! i figured it out! i totally did not catch on last time. i'm so proud. and excited for you!

shauntel said...


Emily said...

Had to get help from Robin. Congrats!

Lindy said...


Jennifer said...

That took me waaay too long.

But congratulations!

kathy said...

So clever. I'm glad I'm not colorblind. Congrats!

Lauren said...

Yay! How exciting...and clever!