Monday, April 13, 2009

So, We've Been Busy

Our family is juggling a lot right now.

First, we closed on our new house 10 days early.

This means that we now have one room in our duplex full of packed boxes, taped up and ready to go, and another room full of empty boxes, waiting for an assignment. And we're getting used to living with less and less, as more and more stuff gets packed up.

On top of that, our duplex is up for rent, so I've had to juggle maintaining a clean, presentable home while tearing it apart at the same time.

Second, as if packing our lives wasn't stressful enough, Jake went in for knee surgery last week.

And he came out looking like this. He went in not knowing what surgery he would be coming out with. We knew it would either be a scope to clean up damaged meniscus (1-2 day recovery) or a full ACL graft & repair (1-2 week initial recovery, and 3-4 months before fully recovered). He ended up with the smaller surgery, which we're grateful for since he can function and go back to work, but also weary that it might not fix all his knee issues. Time will tell.

As a surprise third, my eye looks like this last week:

No, I'm not the newest cast member of Days of our Lives, trying to figure out what Stefano is up to this week. Although maybe I should have auditioned while I looked like this. I'm guessing it was some sort of pink eye, but I'm not sure. All I know is that it was sealed shut in the morning, and didn't quite open properly for a day or two. Sophie woke up the week before looking exactly like this, and was recovered within 24 hours, and that's pretty much what happened in my case too.

Fourth, we finally admitted to ourselves that we needed some help. Computer help.

We took our computer to get fixed (by an amazing repair guy that I highly recommend, if you're in the market), and I'm ashamed to say how many viruses he said our computer has. But let me give you a hint. Think of a ridiculously high number. Nope. It was more than that. But, it's all in the past, and it works great now.

And fifth, we're appliance owners.

A tour of the valley's appliance stores on Saturday plus extensive reading in Consumer Reports, online research, and reviews from friends, led us to a final decision on our appliances. They'll be delivered on Saturday.

In summary, this last week has been pretty crazy, so I apologize to anyone I've neglected (especially Jill, who is raising money for a good cause - visit her site & see what she's up to this week!)


diana said...

whew. i'm exhausted just from reading about your past few weeks. good luck! we can't wait to be invited over to your new place when you're all settled. you're going to invite us, right?

Macey Kay said...

Wow! Busy family. Congrats on the house! When is the first party?

melmck said...

closing early on a house? what must that be like? hooray for new houses, though. and awesome realtors.

nana said...

The house is great, and huge compared to your little 2 BR apt. It will also be great for Sophie to have a friend next door. We can't wait for painting day!

emmellee said...

Hi Jake and Abby,
Sorry to hear about the knee, Jake. I had a lateral knee release done on my left knee in March and will have it done on my right knee next month. Hopefully, it will postpone the joint replacements for up to 5 years. (hope, hope). Good luck, and have fun with the house,parties, etc. Glad you got your computer fixed. See you in July :) ~~ auntie"m"