Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Night

On Monday night, we got to go to my mom's work party. It was at a park, and included a catered dinner, a magic show, an ice cream bar, a playground, ducks in a pond, and a bunch of miniature amusement park rides. Not to mention Nana, Grandpa, and Ellie. Or in other words, for Sophie, the BEST. PLACE. EVER.

We started the amusement park portion of the night with the carousel. She calls it the "Up Down". Even better than Sophie's reaction to it, though, was Stella's. I hope Stephanie got a picture of that girl because she was HAPPY.

Next up was the train. It's a small train that takes about a 5 minute ride around the park. Sophie liked looking at the train more than riding it. I think if it had been lighter, she would have enjoyed it more. But in the dark, it was hard to see the water and ducks and everything else we were riding past.

Third, we hit up the "Boat Boats". This was her surprise favorite. It was one of the rides that parents were too big to ride on, so she had to do it by herself. And she rode 3 different times - twice with strangers. The best part of this ride was giving high-fives to all the adults watching. Which was only scary for me the first time around when she wasn't buckled in.

And finally, the ride I thought she would like the most (because she's been on one, and has talked about it non-stop since) - the Ferris Wheel. But it turns out she only mildly enjoy it. Again, she had to ride without a parent, so she and another girl buddied up for it.

After about an hour and a half of rides, we had thoroughly exhausted her, and we all went home very happy.


diana said...


call it disneyland and save yourself some money.

Emily said...

Jonah is jealous.

Kim said...

That looks fun. It was good practice for Disneyland.

Sophie looks so grown up in those pictures!