Friday, March 27, 2009

Foodie Friday #14 - Blue Adobe Grille

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Blue Adobe Grille

144 N. Country Club, Mesa

Price: $$$

Taste: * * * *
S&A: * * * * *
Value: * * * *

Blue Adobe Grille is New Mexico cuisine. They have an extensive menu of both traditional Mexican style food (enchiladas, chimichangas, etc.) as well as New Mexican style food, which they call "Blue Plates".

We tried one of each style. I got a beef chimichanga, which I thought was good - just what you would expect from a chimi at a restaurant. Jake got the Chorizo Stuffed Chicken. It was supurb. We will go back just for that. Not only was it stuffed with fontina cheese (a melted Mexican cheese) and chorizo, but it was also covered in their special Amaretto mushroom sauce. Our server said that they use that sauce for a lot of their dishes. If we don't get the chicken next time, we'll definitely get something with this sauce on it.

Blue Adobe Grille is a must-visit place for Arizonans. It comes with my high recommendation. While it is pricier than most places we visit, we went with a coupon from the Entertainment Book, and it was quite affordable and very delicious.

Overall Rating: 4¼ Stars


Macey said...

We went there after a D'backs game and loved the food! We went a little crazier than normal in order to be able to use a certificate, but it was well worth it. Next time we'll try the stuffed chicken.

Jennifer said...

Well, this is exciting. My parents always talk about this place, but they like crazy food... so I've never tried it out myself. But now that I have YOUR recommendation, I will try it out for sure.

nora lee said...

We ate there once a few years ago for our anniversary...