Friday, March 06, 2009

5 Years Ago Today


(dress by Stephanie)

My family.
some notes: missing brother, long-haired sister, unplanned matching coral sister outfits.

Jake's family.
(missing a brother here too.)

Post-Luncheon, Pre-Reception
Yes, that's me helping to set up. Not cause I needed to, just cause I'm sort of a perfectionist.

"Backyard" Reception
I always wanted my wedding reception to be in my back yard. But when I was in college, my parents up and moved. To a condo. So this is in the common area of their condo community. But if you look in the upper right-hand corner of this picture, you can see the fence to my old back yard. So really, it wasn't too far from where I always dreamed it would be.

The Band
I know what you're thinking. "You got foreign holiday to play at your wedding???"
Yes we did. Cause we were popular. Um, right?

It's been a happy 5 years. Thanks for that, Jake.
And happy birthday.


The Hyatt's said...

5 years. Congrats you too! Sunny & I will be moving back home (to the valley) come August. We'll have to go visit the Sala Thai with you two when we head down the hill permanently!

stephanie said...

i'm so glad you guys got married. what a happy day.

diana said...

i will forever love your wedding dress.

happy anniversary.

melmck said...

congrats and hooray for happy marriages!

Jennifer said...

You got FOREIGN HOLIDAY to play at your wedding??? You ARE popular!

And I am jealous.

Also, I love love love your dress.

shauntel said...

i've always liked that picture of you guys. it's cute.

kathy said...

Yay! Congrats!

Macey said...

Sweet-5 years! Love the back yard.