Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Splash Park

Turns out this chicky is a big fan of water.

Sophie & Kiley discover the reason we're at the park today.

Water is awesome.

Sophie had a great time at the splash park yesterday. The water was freezing, and the poor girl was just shivering whenever she stopped moving, but she did NOT want to leave. I would ask her if she was all done, or if she wanted more, and she always said (signed) that she wanted more.

Next time I'll bring the video camera, because the sight of her running through the water tunnel is priceless.


Kim said...

That picture of her putting her leg through the pool fence kind of scares me for future visits to Grandma's house
I am glad she likes water. it makes her seem like an adventurous girl.

Macey Kay said...

Sophie was cracking me up-NO FEAR of getting wet, even with pretty cold water! So fun! Thanks for coming along.

nana said...

Just like Mexico, she ran straight for the ocean and didn't stop til she was knee deep in water.

diana rose said...

what an awesome water park! ava would love that place.