Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Snack of Choice

Apple - thinly sliced
Cheddar Cheese - thinly sliced
Wheat Thins (pre-thinly-sliced already)

Eat in equal proportions (as pictured) at least once weekly.

Please note: boys (jake) do not like this snack as much as girls (abbie) do.


MeL said...

That does look tastey, but do you eat like 500 in a row? I don't think it would be nearly as satisfying if you didn't.

diana rose said...

um, maybe it's 'cause i'm pregnant, but apples and cheese makes my stomach turn a little.

i'll wait to try it after i have this baby.

nana said...

Excellent choice. Soft cheddar cheese in a tub and red grapes are also good w/Wheat Thins.

Mike said...

I'll have it w/o the wheat thin.

Cathy said...

Maybe you could introduce Sophie to the "honey butter cheese"