Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When we started dating, he was headed nowhere at a community college.

We got engaged and BAM - he had his associates degree.

We got married, and wouldn't you know it, he got a bachelors.

Then, a couple years later, his had a daughter and WHACK! just like that, he finishes law school.

I'm not saying his accomplishments are ALL because of me, but I think this evidence speaks volumes.

Of course I'm kidding. Jake spent more nights awake all night studying in law school than I did the first year of Sophie's life. He has worked really hard, and totally deserves this J.D.* he gets to use behind his name now.

So Jake, congratulations. You're the best husband and father ever, and Sophie and I are lucky to be your girls.

* NOTE: Please refrain from asking him lawyer questions until December 2008, when we'll know whether or not he has passed the bar. And at that time, if he has passed, please remember that all standard hourly lawyer fees will apply.


nana said...

Congrats to Jake! Whew, you never have to go to school again!!The nightmares will continue for some time, though.

Mrs. Burns said...

Good job Jake. I am so jealous that you guys are done. Now you can move back up here.

Kim said...

What a good boy!! I could not possibly be more proud.

Love, Mom

PS Thanks for whipping him into shape Abbie

stephanie said...


Emily said...

Hooray to both of you!

Robin said...

Love the sidenote.

The poor guy would probably be fishing for his dinner from a dumpster if it weren't for you! How lucky he found you and decided to multiply and replenish.

diana rose said...

hooray, what an accomplished family you all are!

3 docs & a domestic diva said...

Congratulations Jake and kudos to you too Abbie!
Our daughter in laws remind us often that it takes both of them to get our sons through graduate school.
Good luck on taking the bar Jake, we are proud to have the first attorney in the family.

Layton Clan said...

Great job guys!

SOOO hapy for you! Come back to Mesa, and start practicing.


Macey Kay said...

That totally rocks! That time seemed to fly by (probably not for you though) Cute pictures.