Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break Vacations

For Spring Break this year, we did exactly what we did last year. Spent the first half with Jake's family, and the 2nd half in Mexico with my family.

On Sunday, Sophie learned how to give hugs and how to fold her arms during a prayer. Here she is showing some love to the puppies at Grandma's house. The puppies are terrified.

One of our favorite parts about visiting the family is stopping by the fruit market. Sophie snatched a cucumber and took a bite of it before I had a change to grab it. Good thing it only cost 33 cents. (I seriously love that place) All the other shoppers (a good 60 years older than me) got a kick out of Sophie munching her cucumber at the check-out.

I was also able to hit some garage sales while in town. Sophie's favorite find: this doll stroller. She loooooooves it.

After a couple of days, we headed home, and then it was off to Mexico. Sophie had an awesome time. When we first arrived, I took Sophie down to the water to distract her while Jake set up our tent. Sophie marched straight into the ocean and didn't stop until a wave knocked her over. I normally don't actually make it into the water while in Mexico, because it's quite cold, but this time I was in it quite a bit with Sophie.
Sophie loved the water, the sand, the cousins, the other kids at the beach, the puppies (there were TONS of dogs there this year), the endless snacks, and the grandparent attention.

However, she had a really hard time sleeping, especially during the day, so our vacation was quite short.


Stephanie said...

as always, cute pictures.

Macey Kay said...

How fun...and Sophie is so stinkin' cute in her suit and hat

Emily said...

Here suit and hat are deathly cute.

nana said...

A fun time was had by all, especially Nana.

melmck said...

that cucumber looks like it could beat her up.